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Edna Schur has started her career with Naturopathy, Nutrogenomics, then with Traditional Chinese Medicine. After studying in Israel, Australia and Switzerland, she has developed an interest in Genetic Mutation such as MTHFR, COMT etc. together with her interests in psychosomatics and therefore epigenetics, she got to know about Functional Medicine and studied it in 2018. 

Meanhwhile she has developed her own method and 5 Step program, leaning on all the therapy methods she has aquired over the last 16 years. 

All in all when understanding the concept of Functional Medicine and that it is the biochemical and science Evidence Based addition to the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), including body-mind-spirit and genetics, as well as lifestyle and nutrition.


Understanding that "therapy" is not a passive process, where the client / patient is just receiving input is a crucial factor for Edna Schur. She creates an educative environment for her clients, where they are in charge of their health and healing journey. 

"It really is not just one aspect that intervenes with health, as thought of many conventional practitioners. Meaning it is not just a blood test that will help with a diagnosis or treatment plan, it is the entire story of the person, that brings all pieces together."


With that said, Edna has developed a special 6 hour long method of establishing the "now" situation of every client. Admitted it is very time consuming, but it is inspiring for both sides, and to be honest, to really understand what goes on both on epigenetic, emotional, biochemical and organic level, you just need to take the time as a practitioner to figure it all out. 

"I do not believe that in our complex time, and now with the Panedimic, that we can get any information in just 5 minutes, or 30 minutes with some doctors." says Edna

A new era of medicine is arising, and it is important for humanity. 

A Functional Medicine practice means: 

  • Identifying the root of the problem and working on it in a up-stream fashion until the health is balanced and reestablished. 

  • To recognize, grasp and treat each person holistically as a unique system and personality.

  • As diverse as our organ, functional systems, internal interaction, inner world and family system are, so diverse is the treatment

That is why I have put together a great team that can cover all the necessary aspects and has their years of expertise. 

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