"I came to Edna with stomach cramps, neurodermitis and dry skin and felt that my self-healing powers were limited.

With a comprehensive survey I had the opportunity to recognize connections in my life that I had not noticed before. The most important thing for me was to take on an active role in my life. I have all the powers I need for my healing and today I can also influence my relationship with my partner and my environment as I wish. 

In the treatment environment with Edna I felt very comfortable and in good hands. 

Edna has a very broad knowledge and can work with a serious and strong will on the actual challage and achieve a great effect. 

I can absolutely recommend Edna if you really want to change and improve your life!"

Jerome, 40


"First, I made acquaintance with my power animal. It still adorns my desk background today. The discussions with my future me were very enriching and touching. They let me look positively into the future. My physical reactions during meditation show me how my mind is coupled to my body. All in all, I now see many connections more clearly and can continue my personal development.

Do the course in any case. You can only profit and you will definitely get to know a new side of yourself. The atmosphere is always constructive and enriching. A super horizon widening".

Milan 36



"I can only say: Go by all means, you get to know yourself better, or 'finally' get to know yourself!

I clearly have more self-confidence and courage. I have learned that I am worth thinking about myself, to pamper myself with thoughts. I felt that I could give myself completely into your hands and trust you. I have recognized through you how much I still do not know and still have the spiritual possibility to learn. Thank you both for the great work!

Vreni 78


After only 3 sessions I experienced dramatic changes and for the first time in many years a painless period. I found that Edna is very competent in many areas that complement her practice.

Sarah 34


I'd never been this sick before, and I was about to give up. The extreme blood loss of the last 6 months was a mystery to the doctors. Also headaches, fatigue, edema, joint pain, food intolerances. Edna brought all points together through her competence and healed me in a short time not only physically, but also old beliefs. 

Shaun 44


After long suffering, intolerances, lack of energy and depression, I feel taken seriously for the first time.  The CleanYourGene package from Edna has worked well, making me feel better both physically and mentally. 

Thank you!

P.W.  33


When I came to Edna, I had had a cold for almost half a year. In addition there was a whole bouquet of symptoms from head to toe. All in all, I felt rather broken and exhausted. Edna took a lot of time for her anamnesis. Already the first time she made connections between symptoms. After a few treatments most of the symptoms were blown away and I feel better than I have in years.

Elisabeht 54