Basics of TCM

The traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is based on the 5 elements, 5 substances and 12 organs, each with 2 organ systems in each element, a yin and a yang organ.


The 5 elements are: water, wood, fire, earth, metal. The 5 substances are Yin, Yang, Ying, Jing, Qi and the 12 organs are Kidney / Bladder (Water), Liver / Gallbladder (Wood) Heart, Small Intestine (Fire), Spleen Pancreas / Stomach (Earth), Lung / Large Intestine (Metal).


Yin organs are full organs (kidney, liver, heart, spleen pancreas, lung) which store blood or other substances, they belong to the parasympathetic, while Yang organs (bladder, gallbladder, small intestine, stomach, large intestine) are hollow and have either a peristalsis or another producing function, this belongs to the sympathetic.

Each organ has a function, a reference to the element, an emotion, taste, expression and opens into a sense organ.


The kidney and the spleen pancreas are special organs, because the kidney belongs to the pre-heaven Qi. That means it belongs to genetics - our inheritance. We can not change what we have got on the way and have to be well concerned about our constitution and essence. If there is an imbalance or a disease, then you can strengthen the kidney minimally but work on the post-heaven Qi spleen pancreas. The spleen pancreas as a digestive organ symbolises our lifestyle. Through nutrition and our daily behaviour we can influence our health for better or for worse.

For example: the kidney belongs to the water element, opens in the ears, the emotion is the will to live or in negative fear, little salt strengthens the kidney, it damages too much, one of the functions is bone marrow and bone, so knee and back pain are a sign for a weak kidney.


Diagnosis is made on the basis of an in-depth interview (history), tongues and pulse diagnosis, and the appropriate treatment for the patient is determined from this. Below mentioned methods are some of the choices in my practice.

TCM Organuhr, Yin und Yang
5 Elemente Zyklus der TCM
Puls Diagnose, TCM Praxis Schur

Acupuncture, Electro-Acupunctur, NADA Protocol, Laser-Acupunctur

In acupuncture, needles are placed at specific points in the body that are at a nerve crossing point. These promote the body's own healing process. The 630 points on the 12 meridians are located on the nerves, stimulating the organs and their function via the parasympathetic system.

Electro-acupuncture involves clamping the electrodes to the needles for more effective treatment. This method is most commonly used for muscle tension, acute herniated disc, ischialgia or to promote ovulation.

In ear acupuncture, small needles or ear seeds are set to reflex points on the ear. There are several point choices, either for the Chinese points or e.g. after Dr. Nogier or dr. Bahr. This can be used for acute hay fever treatment, pain or chronic ailments.

The NADA protocol is 5 needles placed on each ear to regenerate all 5 elements of TCM. This method is used in addictions, sleep disorders and much more.

Laser acupuncture has been used successfully in medicine for over two decades. The low-level laser therapy was originally developed as a pain-free acupuncture and used mainly in the field of pain. In recent years, several studies on other diseases have been documented.

Elektro-Akupunktur, Schmerzlinderung
Laser-Akupunktur am Nacken
TCM Kräuterheilkunde
Phytotherapy TCM & western Phytotherapy according to TCM 

In China more than 13'000 plant species of which about 5'000 are used in traditional Chinese medicine grow. In Switzerland, about 400 medicines of TCM are used, including vegetable, animal and mineral products are used, the plant outweigh the course. The individual formulations can be prescribed as raw drug decoction, granules, tincture, capsules or tablets. Edna Schur also works with western phytotherapy according to TCM. This year a book will be published.

Gesunde Ernährung individuell
Nutrition Coaching

There are countless diets on the market and yet, not everything suits everyone. In the TCM, therefore, great emphasis is placed on the long questioning, tongues and pulse diagnosis in order to put together the right diet for you. Because nutrition shapes our body for a long time.