The 5-Step Program to All Embracing Health (5 Step to AEH ©)

Approximately 4 years ago I began developing the “5-Step Program to all embracing health” (5-Step to AEH ©). This name encompasses the program that I’ve developed in working together with my clients on their therapeutic journey to creating “all-embracing health”. This work is based on wisdom drawn from the fields of functional and Chinese Medicine, combined with aspects of genetics and hereditary components, but also epigenetics, mindset and consideration of environmental factors. I first approach each client by setting up 3 separate sessions of questioning, and deep-diving into the family and lifetime history. A person who comes to me is typically looking to work on a deeper level, and step out of their familiar comfort zone of dis-ease and transform into an easier way of being - working towards fulfilling goals on all levels.

When I first began, I wondered if all of my methods of bodywork, acupuncture and nutrition would be enough to bring the client into his or her ease?

I started to look back on my last 20 years, reflecting on how I became a practitioner in the first place.

In 2004, on the day my divorce was finalized from my first husband, I had a car accident which changed my life within seconds. And for the first 6 months, I felt sorry for myself, being in pain, not being able to sit longer than 15 minutes without experiencing numbness in my face and arms, etc.

But also within that first 6 months I began to really learn about my body, muscles, nerves, experiences with physiotherapists, differentiating which doctor took me seriously and which therapy actually helped and which didn’t. This in itself is a very healthy and important lesson as a patient, along with learning to really be one’s own advocate for health, and not just accept anything and everything that a doctor says. An open and honest relationship between patient and practitioner is so important!

Everything changed for me the day that I found a brilliant practitioner whom I could put my trust in. I felt compelled to find another path to healing after having lost all faith in both traditional and complementary methods, insurance struggles, etc. The fact that my insurance provider at the time was trying to force me to go into a rehabilitation center that would have caused even more pain showed me that I needed to find another way to heal. I decided to take my life into my own hands and rehabilitate myself in the place I knew would actually offer me the best circumstances to allow me to heal. I had invested in myself and was motivated to get better no matter what it would take. Looking back, this was the beginning of my deep dive into functional medicine…

So what does it take to actually change?

In very simple terms - not that much! The main ingredients are courage, curiosity and the will to live a fulfilling life!

My 5 Step Program to AEH © is based on my own experience of understanding dis-ease. Healing is encouraged by reconnecting to your own true self and understanding the unknown influences in your family and your life. But it also involves environmental factors and your epigenetics, overcoming sabotaging mindsets and patterns, letting go of those hurdles, and ultimately growing and transforming into the healthiest best self that you can be.

Stay tuned for the next newsletter where I will share some insights with you about the first step - “Re-connect”.

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