Re-connect with yourself

Good evening…

As I wrote in my last blog, introducing my 5 step program, I want to focus on the first step and show you what it’s all about.

You’ve probably already noticed that nothing is static in life. Every day is a new start - on both a cellular and emotional level. And even those among you who usually resist change will have to admit that change is natural and happens anyway.

But in order to change on a conscious level and be aware of what goes on, you will have to connect and take charge of the center of your life - YOU.

You are the center of your life story, your health & your connections,

your professional life, your decisions.

Plug into your strong roots and anchor yourself.

After the first 3 sessions of treatment, you will have touched base with yourself. Now I want to guide you into awakening

your awareness for good, so that you can stay true to your journey of transformation into a healthier and more conscious human being.

The first step is to evaluate your relationship with yourself. Have you given some thought to what you would consider your life’s purpose? Is that purpose aligned with your professional life? Or do you find your path is more related to what you do in your private time? Or both? Are you spending your time at a job which you would consider a calling? Or just a means to an end? If you’re a worker bee, and spend loads of time at work, I would like to ask you, how much do you define yourself by the job that you have?

Those questions tend to rattle something in the understanding of the self that are automatically embedded in your daily routine and almost go unnoticed, just like brushing your teeth.

But then, what would you say if you could be Alice in Wonderland? If you would have the chance to change your life? Would you be content to keep things as they are today? Keep yourself as you are today? And if not, what do you see for yourself through the looking glass? What would you become?

What is your relationship with food, do you cook yourself, nourish yourself to the fullest? And who is the most important person in your life?

Every aspect of your life has an inherent significance which is worth acknowledging, and through my questions, I try to bring a sense of awareness to light.

My freeby for you today:

Create yourself a colorful vision board for the next 5-10 years of what you envision as fulfilling. What would you like to achieve, to be or where would you like to be? By creating a vision board, you will get to check in with yourself on a daily basis through those visuals, and remind yourself of your goals and emotions that are connected to them.

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