Health is not just the absence of illness...


Health is an all-embracing feeling of well-being –

of a happy balance between mind, body, spirit and soul.

It is the acceptance of:

who I am,

what I am and

as I am

I – upright –

my feet firmly set on the ground and rooted,

my eyes - level with the world around me,

my head - high and lofty, able to grasp and learn.

Health is not only a feeling but also a mindset, that connects deeply within you and with the very moment NOW!

Health makes us work for it, it does not just fall into your lap. Every human being needs to take his own responsibility and maintain his or her health and turn it into their biggest capital.

In Europe alone chronic disease is arising and reached by 2018 as high as 77% of the population. And now in 2021 it is rising with all different Long-Covid Syndrome.

Chronic diseases are not necessarily fatal, but it is rather a discomfort like a migraine, itchy skin, arthritis or irritable bowel syndrome - and creates an unpleasant life experience and state that diverts the mind from actually enjoying life itself.

Health has many aspects that belong to it, so let's start with the most important and deepest of all - your genes and body functions.

“Dis-Ease” is a manifestation of an unpleasant condition that has a root cause. We have all heard about genes and hereditary dis-eases and illnesses. But is it really proven, that you will inherit the same dis-ease and symptoms like your father, grandmother or uncle?


The Human Genome Project research team has tried to prove since the beginning of 1990, that

Dis-ease is inheritable and will show on the position of the DNA as such. What they found though, was exactly the opposite and much more. You might inherit the same genes, but it is up to the life events, biochemicals, lifestyle, environment and much more, that will determine whether you will express a dis-ease or not.

The groundbreaking finding was that not the genes, but the phenotype is the key. And the key is, that the uniqueness of each individual... is UNIQUE. This fact shows that statistics JUST DON’T WORK.

“Nutrition is for real people - statistical humans are of little interest” by Roger Williams.

Nutrition is health, nourishment and life.

But further than that, and even more so in my profession, not only nutrition is for real people, but so are medical assessments and treatments. And furthermore we need to understand the underlying cause of illnesses and dis-ease - or for that matter HEALTH derives not only from environmental factors, genes, lifestyle and nutrition, but also and sometimes mainly from emotional experiences throughout life and delivered also through cultural DNA from generation to generation.

Many times there is an ancestral and emotional cause to dis-ease.

With the Functional-Medicine Approach and Advanced Integrative Method © by Edna B. Schur I look at the entire story of the client, from the family dynamics to medication taken and life goals, life events and experiences that could have affected the client. By elaborating those facts together with all biochemical tests we can get a clearer picture of the client, and the client gains knowledge and understanding, which will help him or her take charge of his health and life.

The 5-Step Program to All-Embracing Health © Edna B. Schur

The 5-Step Program was conceived in order to connect all the dots of the client’s uniqueness, his/her life story, environmental factors, lifestyle, biochemical expression, nutrition, self-care, family history, dynamics, loyalties and mindset.

I use this 5-Step Program with my clients who present following conditions:

Infertility, birth preparation and pregnancy support Here I see couples from the moment they want to have a baby until the child is born and entering school, as we believe the entire family cycle is important to consider.

Chronic and Auto-Immune diseases Clients who experience anything that takes longer than 3 weeks are considered to have a chronic disease. According to the WHO, the highest cause of death since 2016 is ischemic heart disease, stroke and obstructive pulmonary disease. Those diseases have a few things in common. For one, they don’t appear from one day to another, rather they develop over a very long period of time and their root cause besides inherited causes is lifestyle, mindset, epigenetics and nutrition. When all those factors are being mistreated the body eventually does not cope with the biochemical stress - an event occurs and suddenly a chronic disease gets its onset. The body starts to fight, and creates a chronic internal inflammation.


Stress and neurological disorders Imagine a world or a time without stress - utopia. And now imagine what happens on a daily basis within your body because of stress. Your entire system is on alarm and running around, not being able to cope with simple tasks like absorption of nutrients, detox in the liver, and the organs age, not to talk about the psychological aspects. When did you laugh the last time longer than 5 minutes?

Prevention Prevention is the main goal, as written in the beginning of the article. It is your highest capital, maintain it well, live the life you want, the profession most suited to you, with the person you most love, eat healthy and nutritious food and enjoy every moment.


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