Thermomix can be your new best maid in your kitchen. 
Thermomix is literary for everyone to use

  • If you can cook and need more time to do so, its perfect
  • If you can't cook but would love to, its perfect too
  • If you have kids and want to give them the best and healthiest food - its perfect
  • If you are on a special diet and need and want to eat as clean and self made as possible, but have no time for it - it is a MUST to have
  • If you are a chef with a restaurant and want the dough or the sauce to go quicker while you cook - this is your perfect match
  • If you don't want to burn your pot - wow this is your machine
  • and If you don't like to wash so many pots after cooking, this is your PERFECT match

What does the Thermomix do: 

  • Save you lots of time
  • making a dough
  • cooking a whole menu in one mashine
  • making ice cream in 5 min. 
  • baby food
  • smoothies and juices
  • medical remedies
  • sauces (ketchup, mayo and tomato sauce)
  • Dips (humus, guacamole, tahini)
  • shredding of anything
  • it makes you fresh flower of any grain
  • soups like in a restaurant

5* Cuisine made at home


How you can purchase on?

After a consultation with me, I will come and cook for you a meal and will convince you about all its benefits. 


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