There are so many methods a practitioner can learn to treat in. The art of medicine is though the ability to LISTEN to the client, not only to the words, but to grasp what is between the lines and to be able to put together all dots and understand the root cause. Then to put together an individual treatment protocol combining all methodology in order to reach the client's health goal within a realistic timeframe. 

Edna Schur has therefore developed an own Method of how to evaluate her clients and guide them to the best possible treatment plan. 

Evaluation of the root cause - Ancestry & Timeline

The first sessions takes place online or in person and takes approximately 2.5 hours. It might seem long, but is necessary to hear the clients family history both medical and historical-emotional. Understanding the circumstances of the generations before, can reveal emotional patterns that the person today is still carrying with him or her (epigenetics). All matters, disease, behavioural patterns, hunger, rich, poor, wars, and relocations. After which parent or grandparent are we trying to live our lives?
Then comes in a chronological Timeline of the client's life: 2 years prior to conception where was his or her mother, contraceptive used, accident or drugs? What about the pregnancy and birth, any infections or operations as a kid that could have changed or damaged the microbiome?
Which environmental factors are triggering and contributing to the dis-ease? What emotional triggers does he or she have and when was the point in life where everything changed from? 

Medical and Physical History

The second session takes approximately 90 minutes, it can be also done online or in person.  This questioning regards all body functions. In this session Edna will have a look at possible past lab work, filled forms and operation summaries. With evaluation of all biochemical and organic systems she will ask you from top to bottom about your life. In the end there is a pulse, tongue and palpation of the abdomen and back to rule out and evaluate the physical situation. In online sessions you will get instructions of how to conduct the evaluation yourself. 
From here you will receive instructions to do additional tests required to get to the bottom line of the problem. 

Re-Telling the story with individual treatment plan

The third session takes approximately 2 hours, it can be also done online or in person.  
Edna will retell you your story both from ancestry - timeline - physical and her interpretation of why you feel what you feel. The most important part here is that you as the client can and should interrupt and correct or add information. Re-Telling the story brings for the client a whole new perspective to his story and can therefore release already some symptoms. An other important part is the transition to actually do something about it. Where to start with what method and how and when to reach a possible realistic goal will be set in that session. 

All aspects of the human being are looked at: muscular, nerval, organic, hormonal, psychological, sleep, relaxation and lifestyle, nutrition, environmental factors and more. Depending on the problem either first things will be changed or physical treatment with either acupuncture or massage will be conducted. Then nutrition and other aspects will be looked at. You are what you eat and how you conduct your life after all...

5 Step Program to All Embracing Health - Follow-Ups

Follow-Ups and the 5 Step to AEH  
Every session starts with a short questioning and evaluation of the given situation. Improvements or emotional states are important. Together with the physical treatment optionally Edna uses her "5 Step Program" to guide the client into deeper levels of understanding him or herself and healing sabotage patterns by answering questions and doing the exercises given.