With Laser-Acupuncture many dysfunctions or conditions can be treated very effectively. 

Here some conditions I treat with success: 

Orthopedy / Sport injuries                        

Knee pain or any kind, Frozen Shoulder, Tennis Ellbow, Bechterew, Backpain

Post operation treatments


Allergy & Immune system

Allergy, low immunity and recurrent infections



Recurrent ear infections, Asthma, Warts, Immune system


Pain treatment

Joint pain, Ganglia, Fibromyalgia, chronic pain



Menstrual pain, Endometriosis, Cysts, Fibroids, Infertility



Numbness and no feeling, Tinnitus, Paralasys, Bells Palsy



Any condition that has an involvement with the mitochondria


Laser-Akupunktur Pen für kleine Flächen, Ohrakupunktur, schmerzfrei, TCM Praxis Schur, Oerlikon, Zürich
Edna Schur behandelt Baby mit Laser-Akupunktur in der TCM Praxis in Oerlikon, Zürich
Rotlich Laser Akupunktur bei Schmerzen, Zysten, Myome, Endometriose, Dermatologie