Understand what causes the condition - so that you can change the condition

By definition chronic means: when a condition persists longer than 3 weeks and needs to be addressed with medication. 

An Autoimmune Disorder defines itself by the body attacking itself and we can measure it with antibodies like Histamine, ANA factors etc.

Rare diseases  are by definition diseases that might be genetically bound, or a combination of multiple disorders where in normal blood work the doctor can not determine what it is, and or there are only 5-10'000 cases on the planet and therefore no treatment strategy yet developed. 

In my practice and expertise I work with all the above. Of course I specialise in certain diseases more than others, but in the end of the day I am interested in your story and convinced that there always is a cause to your condition. The more complex the more interesting my detective work with you. 

Potential causes and links to dis-eases  are in my experience to find on an epigenetic level, meaning your subconscious patterns are formed by your ancestral story and it can have an impact and influence on you both emotionally / psychosomatic with subconscious sabotaging patterns, belief systems and behaviour or in a biochemical as manifestation in your organs. 

Probably you have heard the sentence before: Pain is the language of your Soul. 

As your soul does not have a mouth and we often don't have time to listen to our inner voice, the soul will manifest itself in pains and dis-eases, especially when living against our path. It might sound too spiritual, but we can bring that to a very down to earth biochemical explanation. The more you are stressed, the less will your body know how to relax, doing this with food, sleep deprivation or working in an environment you don't like will cause to all your systems an overreaction or strike. 

Understanding the Root-Cause of Your Dis-Eases

With my proven and specific Expert Assessment we establish first in 3 separate sessions

  • your story both your family history, where you are coming from (cultural aspects, family loyalties, migration history and medical history) up to 3 generations back if possible

  • Your timeline from 2 years before you were conceived until today

  • Your goals you want to reach with our sessions

  • Your medical history including your food habits, self-care and symptoms

  • Microbiome analysis and lab work... 

  • Hypersensitivity and much more

Re-Telling the Story and Resolving your Dis-Ease

After establishing all this knowledge about you, I will re-tell you your story including your medical history and will give you an outline of how we will resolve your dis-ease. In first place we will establish a priority list which usually results in the worst symptoms need to go first (pain, anxiety, panic attacks, tremor). I not only want you to hear your story, but to get AHA moments, so you can comprehend why you are at this point in your life. Understand why your soul manifests it in this or another way. And what the core message is, to relieve it. 

And of course I know it won't disappear over night. 

Usually there are a lot of components to the WHY.

  • Nutritional /mineral deficiencies (one sided eating, birth control pill, alcohol or leaky gut)

  • Lifestyle (food, sleep cycle, drugs, beverages etc.)

  • Epstein Barr Virus (EBV)

  • Leaky Gut (nutrient deficiency due to lifestyle and stress)

  • Stress (work, emotional, trauma etc.)

  • Epigenetics (carrying something that does not belong to you or inherited from an ancestor) 

  • many more

Some of the Dis-Eases I specialise in are...

As mentioned above, I don't treat the diagnosed naming, but you as an entire holistic person. 

But I have a broad knowledge and interest in following manifestations: 

  • Endometriosis

  • Hashimoto Thyroiditis

  • Leaky Gut & Microbiome

  • Autism & Aspergers

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis & Ankelosing Spondilytis

  • Anxiety Disorder & Panik Attacks

  • Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (Colitis, Crohn's)

  • Long Covid Syndrome

  • Post Cancer Treatments

If you are as curious as me to figure out what your life could look like without pain, then I  am looking forward to hearing from you,  or you can book your appointment now to make a difference.