The desire for a child is very fundamental for us humans.

It not only gives us the knowledge of our continuity, but also fulfils the sense of a home. 


For months or even years, have you tried to get a child or a sibling for your child?

It won't work out and you feel desperate as a couple?

In your free time you read in forums on the internet and friends who are brothers-in-law at the moment, you avoid them and don't want to see the newborn.

Sexuality becomes secondary and only a means to an end.


Does everything revolve around the desire for children, pregnancy, hormones, proper nutrition, gynaecologists, temperature curve, IVF, the cost and reading internet forums?

Are recriminations and other emotions in the air and are not expressed and swallowed?

Is the relationship on the rocks?


Book your 30 minute free call with Edna or Tanja and let us strengthen you as a couple and individual. Get to know each other again and find here with us the support you need - on all levels.


We have developed through our 40 years of experience together a working system and methodology based on the framework of Functional Medicine. 

What does the couple gain from the program?

We have designed this program for you in order to: 

  • Cconsciously give the couple back their lust for each other,

  • to give the woman and the man back their space as individuals in the partnership,

  • to give sexuality and lust back the meaning it has and to participate in life in a real way.


We remind you that a couple consists of two individuals who have their personal wishes and expectations of themselves and their outside world.

We will guide and accompany you so that you can feel where you stand alone in your relationship with each other and give you the opportunity and the courage to exchange with other couples in a protected environment so that you can feel part of the whole again.

With this program we strengthen the couple on all levels.

What treatments are offered to the couple?

With each couple an individual tailored program is put together - because each individual and couple has their own personal needs. 

The initial contact is through a 30 minutes free discovery call with either Edna or Tanja to determine what the needs and wishes are.

Both partners will start with an Expert Assessment a detailed and very thorough questioning regarding your entire life. Here we gather through the Functional Medicine framework all details on all levels, like genetics, epigenetics, microbiome, emotional, spiritual, mental and mindset. 

This Expert Assessment contains 2 sessions of each 2,5 and 90 Minutes and putting together a comprehensive tailored treatment plan. 

Since usually one's own needs / wishes and expectations of oneself and one's partner are not noticed or overlooked, I recommend the 5 steps couples coaching. 


The individual treatment and body is very important to me.

This can be done with TCM acupuncture / phytotherapy, foot reflexology and meditation or visualization trips. I am also happy to refer my colleagues in the centre for other manual therapies if required. 


However, we share the opinion that less is more! The more rest, the more balance in the nervous and hormonal system, the relationship with yourself and your partner can flourish and grow and get space for new ways. 



Possible reasons for infertility and its treatment:


The woman: Premature Ovarian Failure, Cancer and Chemotherapy, Endometriosis, PCO, hormonal imbalance, STD's, pelvic inflammations, Thyroid imbalance, unknown reasons, closed or missing fellopian tubes, fibroids

The man: Low sperm count and motility issues, vasectomy, blocked duct, impaired morphology and high DNA defragmentation of the sperm, unknown reasons.

Genetic: MTHFR, COMT, MAO and other combinations of Mutations that cause above problems. 

The diagnosis: Usually it is being tested after a course of unsuccessful 12 months of sexual activity without falling pregnant. Hormone tests as well as sperm tests, ultrasound and other tests can be done. 

The treatment and options: Usually in conventional medicine treatment it starts with ovulation tracking, hormonal stimulation and continues with Insemination, IVF, ICSI, Sperm or Egg donation (not permitted in Switzerland, but in Spain, Prag, and other places)

Don't hesitate and connect with us for your 30 minute free call with either 

Edna Bat-Sheva Schur, specialist in infertility, endometriosis, chronic and auto-immune disorder and psychosomatics