People who come to me to treat their chronic ailments usually have a genetic (inherent unchangeable gene variants) or epigenetic (external environmental influences that affect the enzymes and genes) component such as MTHFR or other gene mutations underlying. First, it's about learning about your body and internal functions, and how food has a profound and widespread impact on the body and mind.


At the beginning of the detoxification - and with detoxification I don't address just the liver and the gastrointestinal, but especially from the cell and mitochondria are addressed as well. Thus, I have developed a detoxification and lifestyle cure, which is adapted to each individual.


It is primarily about a fundamental conscious change in diet and lifestyle. It is not a weight loss program for 3 weeks, but the improvement and recovery from the smallest particles in us, the cell, DNA and mitochondria, to the organs and connecting tissue but and also our mind.


The change is built in 3-4 phases and works from inside to outside and from the smallest to the largest

1. Detoxification of the cells and genes (30-60 days, depending of severity of the ailments)

2. Detoxification of the organs and skin (30-60 days)

3. Stabilization and familiarization (3 months)

4. The lifestyle phase (everyday life).


The geneDETOX program is conducted in close-up treatments and can be delivered with practitioners / GP's who have undergone the education of Edna Schur (The Academy for Open Minded Medicine). It can be accompanied with Functional Medicine Practitioner, acupuncture, TCM and Western herbs and dietary supplements and .

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