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What is Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is a health system that not only treats the symptoms. It looks at the whole human being in its environment. This process is a personalised, integrative approach to healthcare. In this process, the physician gains a greater understanding of the prevention, management and causes of complex, chronic diseases. The goal of medicine is the healing of diseases, but also the promotion of a healthy life. Health is more than just not being sick. A healthy person is vital, full of energy, joy and balance. Every day is a new experience.

Functional medicine versus conventional medicine

Functional medicine and conventional medicine are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary. Functional medicine uses conventional medicine as a basis and adds a new dimension through the process of evaluation. This additional approach ultimately helps to better understand and treat chronic diseases.

Even if the two health systems are not mutually exclusive, there is one major difference:

Conventional medicine sees the illness/diagnosis of a patient as something set in stone. Functional medicine, on the other hand, sees the present state of health as a result of the various influences on the life of the individual. This state, therefore, changes as circumstances change.


What is Functional Medicine based on?
  • Patient-centred care

  • These include the 7 functions that work together in the body, as well as genetics, family history, triggering results and events, the family history and of course the individual lifestyle.

  • Integrative, science-based methodology


Patient-centred care


"Every complaint has an origin and an impact on something else."

Patient-centred care begins by hearing the entire history of the patient. The attending physician begins with a long questionary that considers all bodily systems, including genetics and epigenetics. The doctor asks about the diet, any medications that the patient has taken or is still taking, past and recent illnesses, the family history, where the patient is living, what work he is doing; if he works at all. The aim is to get an as accurate a picture of the patient as possible. From the context of the problems, a treatment plan is created that is tailored to the individual needs of the patient.

Integrative, science-based methodology

This treatment plan applies the latest findings from research and medicine. In doing so, a complex network of the most diverse interactions emerges, which takes the anamnesis is taken into consideration. This process is called an "inside-out" approach. Physiological imbalances that later lead to illness can be corrected before any symptoms appear. The central factors consist of body, mind and soul (internal) and the physical and social environment (external). All these factors are decisive for the optimal functioning of an individual.

While treatments such as diet, bowel and microbes use healing, meditation or breathing exercises are recommended, other tests such as stool tests, blood tests, gynaecology, genetic tests and any other needed test may also be required.


Other treatment methods

  • Rehabilitation plans

  • Therapeutic diets

  • Dietary supplements

  • Drugs of herbal supplements

  • Detoxification programs

  • Stress management techniques


The Advantage of Functional Medicine

This type of treatment is not only holistic; the patient gets the best of both worlds; from conventional medicine as well as holistic medicine.

We live in a time when complex diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, ADHD, autism, autoimmune diseases and mental illness are on a frightening rise. Functional medicine seeks an approach that holistically helps the person concerned to a better and healthier life without trying to control the existing disease with more and more drugs.

Functional medicine aims to bring the focus from the symptoms back to the patient.

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Functional Medicine Tree IFM
Elektro-Akupunktur, Schmerzlinderung
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