Understand what causes the condition - so that you can change the condition

Endometriosis is a chronic condition, where the endometrial mucosa is wandering outside the uterus. There are 4 stages of severity. The lower the stage, the less harmful it is, sometimes a woman does not even experience any painful menses at all. Pain in general is very subjective as it depends on the person's pain threshold. 

The usual picture of endometriosis shows itself in cysts (blood filled sacks) around the uterus. Science has shown, that the blood gets there by tubal reflux (retrograded blood flow) of menstrual blood, the question remaining is why only certain women develope cysts and pain, while science suggests that all women have a blood back flow through the felopian tubes. As mentioned cysts can develop around the ovaries, uterus, cervix, bladder and if the stage is higher it can also be around or on the rectum. In very seldom cases the blood can reach the head. 

Hormones obviously play a huge role with endometriosis, and in general endometriosis is named "Estrogen Domincance". As estrogen is a growth hormone that regulates and grows the follicles and the endometrial lining, so the fertilized egg can nest. Women with endometriosis usually get a pill to reduce estrogen in order to minimize the growth of the cysts any further, but to reduce in a fertile age estrogen also brings risks, like osteoporosis, early menopause, depression and many more. The trouble with these pills are, that they don't cure the condition, they just pause it for the time being and might stop the pain. When the woman want to stop or fall pregnant the story can recap. Another solution the doctors offer are operations to get rid of the cysts, this is also not a solution. 

Back to the hormones: an excess of estrogen means a deficiency of progesterone, both hormones complement and need each other to keep a woman balanced.

An other big problem in our life style is our "unknowing" intake of "xenoestrogens" (xeno = similar, equal). You can find Xenoestrogens in BPA, plastics, PET, shampoo, washing liquid, deodorants or any other product. Xenoestrogens as they have the same structure and apperance like estrogen tend to block the estrogen receptors, so the body can't get rid of it. We have to understand, that the body constantly recycles itself and the substances in the body. So if the liver detox receptors for estrogenes are blocked, the estrogen piles up and goes back into the blood stream... 

Genetic polymorphism are a part of us all and a polymorphism (mutation / variant) of a gene is not necessarily something bad, it also has a good side to it. Out of my experience Endometriosis often comes in women who carry the gene mutation MTHFR C677T and COMT. The reason is that both genes have a core function in detoxifying hormones in the liver. When those genes COMT and MTHFR are mutated the methylation cycle is slowed down, and so the hormones estrogene and cortisol can't be metabolised as well. This as explained above causes a back lash on building up estrogenes in the blood stream and and can cause then cysts. 

Reason and Genetics: Sometimes there is a genetic predisposition in the family that can cause endometriosis, but in most cases I see there is no one in the family showing symptoms. There are major secondary reasons for an outbrake of the condition that is stress, nutrition, hormonal imbalance, operations and vitamin / mineral / trace element imbalance. Nutrition has a huge impact on our life. We know today and there is enough research made in this field, that sugar triggers inflammation states in the body, as well as wheat, soy, wine and milk products can have an impact on the growth of endometriosis. 

Stress is a word that everybody uses daily. Everbody feels stress differently, but stress is always coupled with adrenalin, noradrenalin, and other catecholamins which in the long run create inflammation and then dis-eases / conditions to our body. Even if someone does not feel stressed consciously, but he/she is not sleeping enough, working a lot, eating one sided or not enough or too much, it can and will have an effect on you body. Therefore it is very crucial to maintain a healthy Work-Life-Balance. 

Symptoms are usually strong pains in the uterus or where the cysts are located before, during or even after the bleeding stopped. The bleeding might be very strong with many blood clots, or normal to low. 


Diagnosis Endometriosis can be diagnosed by a specialist with a rectal and vaginal ultrasound and palpation but in most cases they do a laparoscopy to diagnose. If the doctor is chosing the laparoscopy he can already remove some of the cysts. This method is not a healing of the condition, rather only a momentary relief. If women don't want to bear children in some cases they are recommended to have a hysterectomy. 


Common medical treatment is invasive with the laparoscopy and the pill to reduce the growth of estrogen cysts and pain medication. None of above treatment is curing the condition. It brings the doctor to become a observer. 

Complementary treatment to treat complementary means for me to look at the big picture and treat the person in front of me. The person matters always! I do a timeline questionaire and want to know everything from pre-birth to now including lifestyle and nutrition, internal and external influences, mindset, work and sport / relaxation patterns. After gathering all the information I do some physical exams of puls and tongue, looking at the nails and skin. I like to see blood work, and if not existing I will get some taken. Herbal medicine and enemas help to reduce the size of the cysts or to eliminate them, with nutrition we address the microbiome (microbes in your gut), laser-acupuncture also reduces the cysts and enhances the mitochondria to work propperly and reduce inflammation and pain, regular acupuncture helps to regulate hormonal and stress levels and life-coaching is necessary to guide and transform to become a healthy being.

My patients gain improvement within a couple of months, they feel less stressed experience less pain, and in some cases the cysts disappear. 

The Mental part of you also is being addressed with my coaching. It is important to understand that we act upon patterns that were conditioned in our early childhood and adolescence. It takes time to understand our patterns and what they do with us / our hormone system. For endometriosis it is crucial to become calm and to slow down, especially in the head, as the "mother board" of hormones is situated in the head - the pituitary gland and in the gut and in the liver which does the detox of it all.

All 3 systems react very sensitively to emotions and are not resistance to stress. Therefore I recommend my patients to do regular yoga, breathing exercises or hypnosis. 

I look forward to hearing from you,  or you can book your appointment now to make a difference.