Pain and hormonal balance treatment with acupuncture

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Ear acupuncture with laserneedle @Edna Schur Practice

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Laserakupunktur Gerät
Laserakupunktur Gerät

Schmerzfreie Behandlung, bei Verletzungen und Gynäkologischen Beschwerden.

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Pain and hormonal balance treatment with acupuncture

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Edna Schur-Rubinstein

Cert. Functional Medicine Practitioner AFMCP IFM

Dipl. TCM Acupuncture

Dipl. TCM Phytotherapy 

Dipl. integrative Psychosomatic in TCM

Dipl. Reflexology

Assistant time in Sydney, Jerusalem and Zurich.

Member in the Association for TCM Switzerland

Specialist for MTHFR and other Genetic mutations

Registration by the health ministry of Zurich and St. Gallen to work as an acupuncturist


I am married since 2011 and am mother of a daughter born in 2016. We are expecting our second child in July 2021.

My husband Joel Schur works as a practitioner for evidence based, counselling and mindfulness. We do workshops together. 

Professional Training

2006 - 2009 Reidman College, Jerusalem Israel

  • Naturopathic training

  • Nutritional Therapies 

  • Reflexology 

  • TCM Acupuncture

  • Phytotherapy TCM and european 

  • Bach Flower Therapy

  • Meditation and Visualisation-Therapy

2009 -2011 Sydney Institute for TCM, Sydney, Australien

  • Acupuncture

  • Phytotherapy TCM 

  • Assistant time in the clinic

2011-2012 Chiway Winterthur and TCM Association recognition 

  • Practicum and recognition of my studies from abroad

  • TCM-Association recognition


  • Studying Functional Medicine AFMCP (ifm.org)


Further education:

  • Oncology in TCM - Jeffrey Yuen,

  • Tuina Massage (chinesische Massage) - Reto Turnell & Phillip Haas

  • Pain Management - Jeffrey Yuen

  • Injuries of upper and lower extremeties - Witfield Reeves,

  • Laser-Acupuncture - Dr. Meier, Dr. Michael Weber

  • Treatment for addiction with NADA-Protocol - Dr. med. Adriana Röbe

  • Certification in integrative Psychosomatic - Dr. med. Hamid Montaqab, Dr. Adriane Röbe, Solange Montaqab

  • Herbal treatment for dermatological disorders - Simon Becker, Dr. med. Hoa Thanh Huynh

  • MTHFR and other SNP's (mutations) ; 
    Biochemistry and Genetik - Dr. Ben Lynch, seekinghealth.com 
    I always treat the person and not the mutation, but for multiple reasons it is still important for me to check for certain blood work and therefore I work closely with conventional medicine doctors. For further information click here MTHFR

I am recognised with acupuncture and phytotherapy with all Swiss Health insurances. Please check with your health insurance how much they cover. 

My passion is to work with complex chronic conditions like psycho-emotional conditions, pain conditions, Autism, autoimmune disorders, I am specialized in Endometriosis and Infertility. Of course I treat anyone and anything as well. 

There is no DISEASE, there is dis-ease.

DIS-EASE is a CONDITION that you express because of a trigger event in your life story, whether it is of emotional origin, a disturbance in your gut bacteria, a stressor or a trauma of any kind, medication or drugs or not the right nutrition and life style for you, anything can have an impact on your health. 

I believe strongly in reversability and the strength of the body to regenerate from a condition and that each of your life story with all aspects matters to make you who you are today. 

If you Change your Conditions

Your Conditions CHANGE



  • 2020 - Bridging between Functional and Conventional Medicine with Prof. Dr. Michael Stark

  • 2019 - Further education courses for therapists in functional medicine and genetics, info will come

  • 2018 - MenoJoy18 Workshop with Jenne Ragazzo, Infos

  • 2018 - EndoJoy18 Group for women with Endometriosis, together with Jenne Ragazzo, Infos

  • 2015 - 2019 Workshop with Mirjam Lutz , infos

  • 2015 - Opening of my health center in Oerlikon www.gesundwohl-rundum.ch with 14 practitioners. 

  • 2014 - Further education in European Phytotherapy in TCM for Midwifes in East Switzerland.


It is very important for me to treat complementary medicine and therefore in alliance with conventional medicine and other practitioners. Here you can find my network.