Each and every pregnancy is unique and every birth, too. 
Wishes become words - words evolve into actions. 
Determine your wishes and perceptions for your birth yourself. 
Hypnosis while giving birth allows you to be deeply relaxed and you can concentrate on your own deep strength you have during this wonderful happening. 

Birth Preparation & Hypnosis 


According to studies, acupuncture in preparation for childbirth can shorten the duration of childbirth by about 20%, thus reducing the frequency of cesarean sections and epidural anesthesia (Epidural).

From the 36th week of pregnancy, a weekly treatment is recommended until the birth date. These acupuncture prepare the body for birth, bring the child into the correct position, soften the pelvis, connective tissue and cervix, and can shorten the birth process. 

Hypnosis and self-determination

Also in the aspect to practice hypnosis at birth to go relaxed into the birth. There are also several studies that show that with the right breathing technique the women were free of pain and the baby was allowed to see the light of day very gently. The study further states that the children drink, sleep and develop better. From my own experience, I can absolutely agree with this fact. 

Breech position 

If the baby is in breech position, it can be turned with different methods like visualisation, hypnosis, systemic work, acupuncture,  moxa and exercises from Yoga or Spinning baby. 

Understanding the mechanism of the babies position is as important as the turning method. As there are possibilities that you still are too stressed, cortisol levels are up and therefore the baby is not "parking" yet in the right spot. Which means you will need to take better care of yourself, breathe and relax. Another aspect is that the baby still has a lot of space to swim...

Support with home birthing, birth house or hospital

In Switzerland, there are many options for birthing, but maybe you don't know where and what you want. Hearing stories from others sometimes does not help and the bad stories stick. I can counsel you and your partner about the different options with pros and cons, what you will need to consider and know about every option and where to find the right support. 

I am connected with many midwifes and institutions and can refer you. 


​I just can highly recommend to visit Edna to have another view of your health and get to the root cause of  your health problem instead of a treatment of symptomps provided by tradicional medice. 

Edna provided me with a great support during my pregnancy as I have hypothyroidism. She provided me with constant advice and guidance to support my thyroid to get a healthy pregnancy. As well, she opened my mind to other alternative therapies to overcome different challengues during the pregnancy. Her support was key to ensure, I kept a calm mind and fully trust on my body to guide my energy on the right direction. Her commitment and knowledge on functional and alternative medicine helped me to have a healthy baby at the end of the most beautiful journey of my life. Thank you Edna! 

Diana, 34 (2020)