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Endometriosis, chronic and autoimmune disorder, Infertilit, pain, depression or anxiety are in present in your daily life?  Are you  looking for a profound diagnosis and therapy that will lead you to a healthy and happy human being on all levels? Do you want to feel respected with your condition and heard by your surrounding and taken seriously by your doctors?

The Solution Lies In Your Story!

Functional Medicine takes the approach to look at the entire person. And to connect the dots between your story including ancestry,  your biochemistry, environment, toxins and genetic expression, emotions and much more. 

There is always a "why" it just needs to be found, understood and reverted. 

Every DisEase originates from a Condition from an experience

When YOU change the (surrounding) condition

Your (health) condition will change

You are in charge to find and resolve it






It all stands and falls with the Questioning  Anamnesis

In order not to fall into the trap of a "pill for an ill", it is crucial that the person reveals his or her entire story chronologically. Every human being is UNIQUE and presents it in all facettes, from the genetics, to biochemistry, hormonal, cultural, family history, patterns of thoughts, mindsets and much more. By telling the life story chronologically from the beginning to the end, the client discovers him/herself again. That alone can be a healing and re-connecting self-revelation. From this point of self - healing can start. 

The usual 5-Minute-Medicine calls for acute conditions like a heart attack or sugery, but not for chronic ailments. The more chronic the more there is to reveal, and that time and space I will give you in each session. 

I have developed out of all my knowledge and experience of the last 18 years in private practice the Program & Podcast "SelFormAtion-BeYou" where I support you on your JOURNEY to your healthy, conscious and awakened self. 

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Your Dream and Goal is...


  • To feel amazing within yourself and your life

  • To fulfil your wish to have children 

  • Improve family communication

  • To live a full sex life

  • Get rid of old patterns 

  • Experience a remarkable change in your life

  • Grow your business and as a person

  • Fulfil your desire to have children and a intact family,

  • Be abundantly happy

  • Earn money with ease and fun, open the money tap

Work & Methods 

I work with a wide range of methods that I have mastered over the last 13 years.

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Functional Medicine and nutrition

  • Microbiome Analysis (Expertise)

  • Consciousness NLP Work 
  • Epigenetics Mindset 

  • Bodywork

  • Systemic Work with families and couples

  • Online and in-person

I work "Freestyle" and use all my experience and methods during the sessions with you. 


My Typical Clients Are:

My clients are professionals between 35 and 55 years old and are looking for ways to find, anchor and manifest their fulfilled selves. 
They come across destructive beliefs and patterns, or have physical ailments that cannot be explained by classical medicine. 

With my expertise in Chinese and functional medicine as well as epigenetics and over 500 happy clients, you can confidently go through my "5 Step System" and safely reach your defined goal. 

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